Mango Tango

Premium Fruit Nectar

Mango Tango, the real mango pulp & ultimate indulgence. The thick texture and the rich flavour of its sweetness makes it a popular choice. Now enjoy the four amazing flavours of Langra, Anwar Ratol, Chaunsa and Dusehri throughout the year, anytime, anywhere.

Available in: 200ml and 1litre


Barcode Numbers:

Mango Tango Dusehri 200ml : 8964000704905
Mango Tango Anwar Ratol 200ml : 8964000704912
Mango Tango Langra 200ml : 8964000704929
Mango Tango Chaunsa 200ml : 891684001298

Mango Tango Dusehri 1000ml : 8964000704950
Mango Tango Anwar Ratol 1000ml : 8964000704967
Mango Tango Langra 1000ml : 8964000704974
Mango Tango Chaunsa 1000ml : 891684001175