Fruit Drink

Light up your day with the delicious and exciting taste of Refresh Fruit Drink. One sip is good enough to restart your day in a fun way and keep you feeling unbeatable with 5 exhilarating flavours: Mango, Apple, Punch, Anaar & Guava.

Available in Refreshing new 1 Litre (Prisma Pack) & 200ml.


Barcode Numbers:

Refresh Punch 200ml: 8964000702642
Refresh Punch 1000ml: 8964000702758

Refresh Mango 200ml: 8964000702659
Refresh Mango 1000ml: 8964000702765

Refresh Apple 200ml: 8964000702666
Refresh Apple 1000ml: 8964000702772

Refresh Anaar 200ml: 8964001292326
Refresh Anaar 1000ml: 8964001292333

Refresh Guava 200ml: 8964001292340
Refresh Guava 1000ml: 8964001292357