Still Fruit Drink

Refresh, is made from the finest fresh fruits to give you the best taste. This refreshing fruit drink promises to provide vibrant and dazzling fruity flavours. Select your pick from four exotic flavours. Drink “Refresh” and treat yourself.

Flavours Available in: Mango, Apple, Kinnow and Punch.

Available in: 200ml and 1litre


Barcode Numbers:

Refresh Punch 200ml: 8964000702642
Refresh Punch 1000ml: 8964000702758

Refresh Mango 200ml: 8964000702659
Refresh Mango 1000ml: 8964000702765

Refresh Apple 200ml: 8964000702666
Refresh Apple 200ml: 8964000702772

Refresh Kinnow 200ml: 8964000702697
Refresh Kinnow 1000ml: 8964000702789