UHT Liquid Tea Whitener

A good cup of tea can relax you in minutes. Chaika gives your tea BESHT flavour and mesmerizing aroma. Whether you like “doodhpati” or “karak” chai, Chaika gives you the best taste.

Available in: 125ml, 200ml, 250ml and1 litre


Barcode Numbers:

Chaika 125ml: 8964000703335
Chaika 200ml: 891684 00128 1
Chaika 250ml: 891684 00127 4
Chaika 1000ml: 891684 00148 9


UHT Liquid Tea Whitener

Chaika, now with the refreshing flavour of Elaichi fills your morning tea and evening get-togethers with its mesmerizing aroma and delightful taste. So get refreshed with the unique taste of Chaika Elaichi and make your moments special.

Available in: 125ml, 200ml, 250ml and 1litre


Barcode Numbers:

Chaika Elaichi 125ml: 8964000703373
Chaika Elaichi 200ml: 896400 070317 5
Chaika Elaichi 250ml: 896400 070319 9